Adapting the press review template and layout in PMG Press Review Manager

Watch our tutorial to find out how to create customised templates and layouts for your press review in PMG Press Review Manager.

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Click the image to start the tutorial. You can display English subtitles.

How to adapt the layout template for your press review

To adapt the template and the layout of your press review in PMG Press Review Manager, proceed as follows. You will find your design template under Settings and sent press reviews. Click Edit template.

Adapting the layout to your requirements

In the following menu you can choose between Standard design or Individual design. If you choose individual design, you can include your logo on the title page and position it freely.

You also have the following configuration options:

  • Edit the preset title of your press review.
  • Change how search terms are highlighted, e.g. coloured marking or bold type.
  • Additional information on articles can be hidden from the metadata box if you do not need it. This allows you to prioritise a compact press review or as much detail as possible.
  • You can also choose between a two-column or three-column PDF layout.
  • For a more streamlined press review, choose the space-saving layout.
  • Finally, you can set your own e-mail address as the sender so that your readers can contact you directly.

Note: If you set your own e-mail address as the sender, the security settings of your organisation may block the press review e-mails. It is best to speak to your IT department in advance if you would like to use this function.

Confirm the changes with Save.

When you send the review to your readers, they will receive the press review as an HTML e-mail as well as a web page and PDF.

Have fun trying out some of the functions!

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