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As a current or future partner of PMG, you will find important information and tips here to improve the provision of your content. Optimise your secondary use now.

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Provision of publishing content

As a partner of PMG, you are contributing to the largest up-to-date press database in the German-speaking area. This page explains what you need to keep in mind when providing your publishing content and how you can optimise your revenue.

Prerequisites for transferring content to PMG

Submit all print articles on a daily basis on the day of publication at the latest by 06:00 a.m. You can deliver online content at intervals of up to two hours or transfer multiple articles once per day. We recommend delivery every two hours high topicality. The files are usually exported via FTP.

If you want to import data into the PMG press database, the XML data type must be used in accordance with PMG specifications. The XML structure is defined by an XSD schema. In the following package, you will find sample data for publishing article PDFs, full-page PDFs, images, infographics and photos.

Download XML schema and sample data

If you are unable to use the schema, please contact us. If possible, we can convert XML data that is structured differently. In exceptional cases, it may be possible to obtain content from a server.

The answers to frequently asked questions and the PMG supplier manual will help with the provision of XML data. If you have any further questions, please contact PMG Quality Management. If you are not able to fully comply with the delivery terms, we can work together to find a solution.

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Three tips to optimise your revenue

1. Include article components

Many of our customers want photos, infographics or original PDFs of the full page or the article itself in addition to the article. You can reference these components within the XML data for each article and send the data to the PMG press database.

2. Cash in on quality

If your XML data is carefully and comprehensively marked up, we can generate very legible articles from your raw data. Our customers appreciate a visually appealing article as well as further information such as the author and page number (for printed articles).

3. Up-to-the-minute information

Has an article been revised? Has your editorial team already created new content? No problem! Send us new or revised articles up to every two hours and ensure your content in the PMG press database stays up-to-date.

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