PMG Presse-Monitor develops new do-it-yourself media database

Roger Dormeier

PMG Presse-Monitor develops new do-it-yourself media database: the most sophisticated portal for media monitoring

Press release from September 21, 2021

  • Next-gen digital media analysis: clear design and user guidance replace old press database
  • APA-Tech commissioned as partner for technical design and hosting

Berlin. PMG Presse-Monitor is developing an innovative portal for media monitoring, press review creation and media analysis. To this end, PMG has chosen APA-Tech, a subsidiary of the Austrian news agency APA, as its technological partner and has commissioned the company with delivering the technical design along with tried-and-tested software components. APA-Tech will also be responsible for the ongoing operation of the portal.
“This represents the starting point for an entirely new PMG media database, which meets the demands of the digital world as well as this decade. We are now laying the foundation for a digital self-service marketplace, which allows publishers to provide their content to PR professionals and communication experts, thereby quenching the latter’s thirst for information and data”, explains Ingo Kästner, the CEO of PMG, after signing the cooperation agreement in Vienna.
“We will enhance PMG’s high-quality media panel with intelligent search technology for efficient media analyses and make it available to our customers via a cutting-edge DIY media platform.”
The latest findings from user experience research and requirements raised in customer interviews were incorporated in the design and programming of the new PMG portal. This ensures accurate searches, tailored results and an optimum user experience to satisfy today’s demands.
The developers are also addressing the rapidly rising user numbers and the increasingly extensive media panel comprising moving image and audio formats. Consequently, the modular expansion of the portal is at the very top of the requirement specification.

Technology partner APA-Tech provides knowledge and expertise

As well its expertise in the development and operation of highly available media databases along with sophisticated AI-based search and editing technologies, APA-Tech also boasts comprehensive industry-specific knowledge. These are some of the main reasons why the company emerged victorious in PMG’s multi-stage tender process.
“By opting for APA-Tech, we have gained an experienced partner whose very DNA will support us in our brief to provide customers with a highly sophisticated media database”, concludes Natascha Thomas, deputy managing director of PMG.

About APA-Tech

APA-Tech offers high-quality IT services to facilitate the creation, analysis, distribution and marketing of digital content. As a subsidiary of APA (Austria Press Agency), APA-Tech manages the infrastructure of the Austrian news agency as well as numerous other media outlets. APA-Tech acts as a reliable partner for its customers, supporting them with everything from the initial concept to live operation. With its unrivalled expertise and industry knowledge, APA-Tech is a specialist provider of IT solutions for publishing houses and media-related businesses.

About PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH

With the largest up-to-date press database in the German-speaking area, PMG Presse-Monitor GmbH is a leading provider for digital media monitoring, press review creation and media evaluation.

PMG markets the content and rights of about 850 newspaper and magazine publishers with over 4,000 print and online sources. Around 2500 of these are available in the PMG press database in digital format. From its Berlin headquarters, the company delivers its services to over 5,000 customers from businesses, associations and public bodies, as well as media monitoring services and PR agencies.

Founded in 2001, PMG is a joint venture of various German newspaper and magazine publishers with the following shareholders: Axel Springer, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Gruner + Jahr, Handelsblatt Media Group, Hubert Burda Media, Spiegel-Verlag, Süddeutsche Zeitung, the German Newspaper Publishers and Digitalpublishers Association and the Association of German Magazine Publishers.

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