The software for quick and simple processing of items from the PMG press database to create your perfect press review.

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Complete content – perfectly prepared

With PMGbox, you can optimise your digital press review in the corporate design of your company, with original layouts, statistical analyses, photos or your own text. You can then use the final press review online in HTML or XML format, or send and store it as a PDF file.

Create press reviews
with PMGbox

The press review software PMGbox enables optimum preparation of your search results from the PMG press database.

With a range of practical functions, you can customise the content and visual appearance to create your very own daily press review.
Tables of contents and figures provide useful orientation, especially in the case of large documents.

Overview of PMGbox

  • Flexible design with integration of items in their original layout (where provided by the publisher)
  • Automatic categorisation as well as creation of directories and registers
  • Freely definable categories
  • Statistical analysis with graphical presentation
  • Inclusion of your own texts, photos and graphics
  • Inclusion of media data such as reach and circulation figures
  • Automatic archiving of earlier press reviews
  • Price per workstation license: €5,900, plus 19% VAT
  • Maintenance costs per year: €950, plus 19% VAT

What our customers say

  • „Completeness and reliability, good research tool, simple operation.“
    Doris Henke, LGLN Landesamt für Geoinformation und Landesvermessung Niedersachsen
  • „I am completely satisfied with the available services as well as the personal service provided by PMG.“
    Kristina Kelek, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung GmbH

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